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Color & Shape Flashcards

Hello everyone, Sam here with some more of my personal teaching resources that I’ve used for years now.

This is one that has not only gotten a ton of use, but really helps the students understand the relation ship between using colors as adjectives to something, mainly, shapes.

This works very well for your intro lesson for Grade 5: Lesson 5 in the Hi, Friends 1 textbook, or if you happen to work with younger kids, it makes learning colors and shapes easy, so they’ll breeze through it later!

The trick to these is that they have to be laminated to be used properly.

Cards – Colors
Download the cards here

First, print out the full set of cards.

On the shapes pages, however, you need to do a bit of work. Take a papercutting knife (you can find them at a ¥100 store, as well as the mat if you don’t have one) or a pair of scissors and carefully cut the shape out of the card before you laminate it.

This makes a nice “window” to be able to see the color through!

When I am teaching colors and shapes, I start with colors and the target “what color is it?” “It’s _(color)_.” A quick pop up game (have students stand when they’re wearing the color said, and go around the room and have them show you with “it’s ___” — that’s a great, great ego boost to the kids!)

Then I teach shapes independently of colors. For younger kids (under 4th grade) I leave off the hard words like “rectangle” and “oval,” but by 5th grade they should know them all. I continue to use the “what is it?” “It’s _(shape)_.

★ A note here, if you have older kids to explain it easier. A shape is a “mono” (JP: 物「もの」 aka a thing), so it uses a where colors don’t.

Be sure to over-emphasize the “a” in “it’s a _(shape)_” to help them along.

Finally, I put the two together, and make a sentence – “It’s a _(color)   (shape)_.”

You do this, easily, by putting the shape card over the color you want it to be. So if you want a pink star, you put up the pink card and hold the star card over the top of it. Ta-da! You have a flashcard of a pink star!

Consider how these sorts of things can be useful for your lessons, and if you need anything particularly made like this, just let me know! And if you have any activity suggestions with these, please, leave a comment below!

Cards - Color and Shape banner 2


One thought on “Color & Shape Flashcards

  1. I love the windowed shape cards. I use them every time I teach shapes! Very useful, and a great idea. One thing I never considered is making mini versions for practice. For example, if I ask kids to show me a blue square, then they have to find both blue and sqaure, line them up, and show them to me or the class! It would be easy to make using the PDF you posted, too, because you can print multiple per page using PDF print options!


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