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Scaffolding Techniques

Hello, everyone! This is Chris, the other half of the Dinosaur Sensei blog. Today I want to write about what is, in my opinion, one of the most useful techniques you can use in your EFL classroom: scaffolding.

Think back to if and when you learned how to ride a bicycle. Did you just sit on it and go? Maybe, but probably not. You needed incremental steps. Here’s how I learned:

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Maru-Batsu 〇✕ Games

Maru-Batsu-01True or false games, or “Maru-Batsu” games, are really, really popular group games in Japanese schools.
Since the students already know how to play, these make great additions to your lessons as assessments for comprehension.

〇 “Maru” (circle) is if its true
✕ “Batsu” (X) is if its false

Students often hold their arms up making a circle or cross their arms as an X for their answer. This is where those emoji come from! Continue reading “Maru-Batsu 〇✕ Games”